Florida Sun Grown

For the first time since Disco was the rage, long-filler tobacco is being grown in Florida. Jeff Borysiewicz, a partner in the Sindicato Cigar Co. (we reviewed, and loved, their flagship release back in June of 2014) and the owner of the Orlando-area Corona Cigar Co. stores, began growing tobacco on land he owns just outside of Orlando. After much trial and error growing the tobacco, Borysiewicz, finally happy with the leaf, decided to partner with long-time friend Jonathan Drew and Drew Estate.

CIGAR STATS: Blended by Master Blender Willy Herrera at La Gran Fabrica Drew Estate in Esteli, Nicaragua, the FSG features Florida Sun Grown and Nicaraguan tobaccos for the filler, Habano seed tobacco from Honduras for the binder, and a lush Brazilian leaf for the wrapper. The FSG is available in 5 sizes: Robusto (5 x 54, $11.50), Toro (6 x 52, $13), Belicoso (6.5 x 54, $14), Sixty (6 x 60, $15) and a Limited Edition Trunk-Pressed Toro (6 x 54, $15). The Toro is our vitola of choice for this review.

APPEARANCE: The FSG is dark and oily with a lot of tooth, while the veins and slight marbeling lend a rustic look to the Brazilian wrapper

THE SMOKE: Black pepper and black coffee dominate the first inch or so of this full-bodied cigar. Molasses and raisin add a bit of balance to the flavors and the addition of leather and roasted nuts help to tone down the initial spice combo. The mid-section remains mostly the same while the final third adds a slightly harsh charcoal to the mix of flavors. The smoke production of the FSG was phenominal and the draw, ash, and burn line were easy, white, and straight.

THE VERDICT: The Florida Sun Grown Toro is a pleasing smoke with plenty of deep, chewy flavors, but with such a hefty price tag I suggest giving one a try before investing in a multi-stick purchase. For more information about the FSG, or the entire line of Drew Estate cigars, please visit: www.drewestate.com. – Jason Zahner


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